This year I visited Toscany and Umbria, two famous regions in Italy.
In Umbria I made photo-trips in several cities, one of them was Perugia. The history of Perugia goes back to 310 BC. The city had for centuries an important role in the region.

Of course: there's lots to see in Perugia like the University, the Chapels, the Churches) and, of course, I could have taken pictures of them.

Call me weird, call me barbaric when it comes to culture and history. I don't like taking pictures of buildings, statues, paintings. I can enjoy them, but I won't take pictures.
Unless they make a good backdrop for my images...

So, on this page you find pictures of cars and people with the beautiful city of Perugia as a backdrop.

The video of this photo walk can be found here
Click on the images to enlarge.

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These images were taken with my Yashica Mat EM.
Cameras like these take your photography to a whole other level. They force you to relax, take your time. Make you look twice and check the composition. Make sure the metering on the light is correct. And all this is not just because you're shooting on film. It's certainly because you can, too.

Of course, I shot with my Sony a58 as well. These images were shown in the same video:

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