Copyright and Disclaimer

Copyright and Disclaimer


All images published on this website are © 2008-2015 E. Braam. These images can be published by A.M. Brikaer and eb fotografie as well.

You may:

Copy these images and use them for non-commercial illustration purposes. However, you must leave the image as is. This means that if you decide to print it, you leave the watermark in the image. If you decide to publish the image digitally you leave the watermark and you do not change any EXIF or IPTC info.

You must refer to E. Braam as the photographer and to

You may NOT:

Sell the image to anyone, change the image or file in anyway.



First of all: I'm native Dutch. I do the best I can but my English may be not as fluently as my Dutch :-/

All text on this website is written by me. Exceptions will be accompanied with a reference to the original author or artist. If you think I did a bad job at this, please leave me a note at the contact page.

I try to be as accurate as possible. Never the less: being a human means making mistakes. Please feel free to point them out to me.

As a street photographer I make pictures of people I don't know. If you recognize yourself you have three options:

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