We live in great times; everything you want to know can be found on the internet. And if you, just like me, are too busy to read, you can use YouTube to be your main source of educational material.

Almost everything I know now about photography in general and most certainly on film photography I learned from YouTube channels.
So, my biggest advice at this topic would be: visit YouTube...

To be honest: that's what you should do. After that: buy yourself a development starters kit. It usually exists of a light-tight sack, developer tank, film-reel, developer (liquid or stock), stop bath (not needed to be honest), fixing fluid.
The first most exiting moment you will have is the moment you get your film out of the canister, cut from the spool, and get it on the reel. All by feeling not seeing.
Sounds scary? Yes it does. But, really, it isn't. The time all the needed stuff, including your hands, are in the light-tight sack, you have only one option: finish the job. You'll notice there is absolutely no need for hurry. You and the film aren't going anywhere until the film is on the reel in the developer tank having the lit closed.
Take your time.
Find your Zen-moment.
This is what film-photography is all about: taking your time...