I'm old enough to have learned photography (up to a certain extent) with film (analog) cameras. My very first camera was an Agfa Clack. It was my fathers very first camera...
I remember the first time a roll of film was put in. In no time I shot my 12 pictures and asked my father to send them for development. I remember to see the images. The feeling I had. Surprise. Magic...
I don't remember the pictures...

In those days, we're talking mid seventies, lots of film was available. And, though film is making a come-back, now it's not as easy to get your favorite brand as it was then.

For me it was Ilford when it came to black and white film. Ilford is still available but, compared to for instance Fomapan, very expensive. A roll of Ilford Delta 100 cost me € 6,99. Fomapan 100 € 3,62 (source feb 2015 Het Beeldgebouw (Dutch))
You can imagine that, for me, experimenting with Fomapan was a serious option. So I did.

I like Fomapan. Though it's said not to be as flexible as Ilford when it comes to pushing or pulling, I like the contrasts. And like a Twitter-friend told me: some abuse of Rodinal now and then can be great. Meaning: don't let them tell you you can't push Fomapan 100 to 400 asa...

Film is the first step. Development is the next (assuming you have a camera...).
I restarted using film in 2014. My first rolls (one 135 35mm Ilford, one 120 60mm Ilford) were sent to be developed. Cost me about € 8,00 a roll.
At that time I didn't own a good scanner so I let the lab scan them an put them on a CD. Total costs: € 20,00 a roll. Including the costs of the roll itself it was around € 27,00 a roll.
That's expensive.
No more film for me.

Google, YouTube, learn to develop my own film without having a darkroom.

A new old passion is reborn...