Kiev 4m

Serial number: 7521898, first two digits are the year 1975.

My favorite source on camera specs ( is letting me down here.
The website says:
Kiev-4M ( = Киев-4M) is a 35mm rangefinder film camera manufactured by Arsenal Factory, in Kiev, Ukraine, former USSR, and produced between 1976-87.
But, on another page at same website, I found this:
Note that the coldshoe proudly states : "sdelano b SSSR"; made in the USSR. This may mean they were considered to be of export quality. The serial number 6327943 indicates this particular camera was made in 1963.
It is unclear to me in what period this camera was produced, although I'm pretty sure mine was made in 1975...

Anyway: it is a 35mm rangefinder film camera. The design is based on that of the classic pre-war German camera Zeiss Contax III.

Some specs:
  • Lens: Jupiter-8M (ЮРИТЕП-8M), 53mm f/2 standard lens
  • Focusing : Match the rangefinder images, via lens ring or via a wheel in the right-front of the top plate
  • Shutter: Focal plane slotted type with hinged metal curtains, vertically travelling
  • Speeds: 2-1/1000 +B, setting dial on the cocking knob, pull-out and turn
  • Exposure meter: Uncoupled high-sensitive small-size selenium photo-electric exposure meter, w/ a lid on its window
As with all Russian cameras: first cock the shutter before changing the shutter-speed!

More on this camera at Camerapedia wikia

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